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Visiting the Turks and Caicos Islands can be a dream come true, especially if you are well prepared to enjoy your outings on the water. These easy preparations for Turks and Caicos boating excursions will help you feel confident and comfortable as you embark on your next snorkeling trip around Providenciales. Sun Safety for Turks

With an array of activities to offer in an idyllic setting, the it just makes sense to plan a fitness vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Snorkeling off Providenciales Snorkeling dates back thousands of years. What were early snorkeling tubes made from? Was it (a) animal horns (b) hollow reeds (c) animal skins or

Traveling to Providenciales? When choosing Turks and Caicos tours, there are a few things in mind to ensure your island sightseeing experience is enjoyable, memorable and safe. Excursion Company with Local Island Knowledge Do you know what was discovered at Fort George Cay? Was it (a) unique coral (b) unusual plants (c) guns or (d)

From palm trees to playful herons, the islands are awash with green, but on March 17th, Providenciales St. Patrick’s Day events bring a whole new wave of green to the islands. St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl on Providenciales  – Toast the Patron Saint How long is the world’s longest pub crawl? Is it (a) 20

Culinary experiences make for memorable vacations, and Turks and Caicos foods and flavors make for memorable meals. Caribbean Ingredients for Marvelous Meals What is a scotch bonnet? Is it (a) chili pepper (b) a protective cover (c) a woman’s hat or (d) a cocktail? That would be (a) chili pepper! Named for their shape which

Visitors can explore Providenciales nature reserves in Turks and Caicos. There are three national parks – one of which is the Princess Alexandra National Park which includes world-famous Grace Bay Beach – two protected historical sites, including the site of rock carvings at Sapodilla Bay, and three nature reserves on Providenciales. If you venture to

Breathtakingly beautiful beaches and exciting excursions: a vacation to Turks and Caicos transforms the ordinary getaway into something extraordinary. What made a big splash in the Grand Turks in 1962? Was it a (a) unusual rainfall (b) beached whale (c)American astronaut or (d)belly-flop champion? The correct answer is (c) American astronaut. Grand Turk caught international

If you are looking for a romantic Turks and Caicos vacation, then spending Valentine’s Day on Providenciales is sure to please! Find a Romantic Beach on Providenciales Sweethearts visiting Providenciales not only can draw their hearts in the sand but enjoy a world class beach. Named Best Beach in the World in 2016, Grace Bay

Not only can it bring opportunities to reenergize, but a romantic getaway to Turks and Caicos means unique settings and activities where couples can relax and, most importantly, reconnect with each other. Romantic Moments On and In the Water! What is the green flash? a cartoon hero; a photography technique; a standout fashion item; or

Time together, sharing new activities, enjoying different cuisine, exploring new landscapes; Turks and Caicos excursions for the family are the gateway to meaningful memories. Family Excursions With Shared Experiences Family time is a chance to enjoy activities and maybe even share a brand new experience together. It might be an excursion on land visiting interesting